Orchestra and a gig

It's the last day of April, and I thought I would sneak in an update! A friend of mine has been asking me to play in the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Orchestra because they need a harpist. She is letting me use her pedal harp and I'm excited to gain more experience with one, as well as get a chance to play in an orchestra! I haven't played in a symphony since college years (my early 20's). I also love video games, even though, I haven't played much recently. Having a baby ma

The harp heals the player and the listener

February was a challenging month for me. As I made the intention to move forward as a healer with my harp, I suddenly experienced a road block. It was a necessary one, showing me that I needed to heal myself before I could take on the responsibility of healing others. I am learning to fully embrace and heal from post partum OCD. I have found relief with the help of therapy, medication, and family support. Many women feel ashamed to bring awareness to their post partum issues