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Coaching & Readings

Health & Wellness Coaching

Whatever goals you may have for your health and well-being we can explore together. The coach approach that I use is not one of forcing or suggesting a specific program, exercise regime or diet and making sure you follow it. Instead, I work with YOUR goals and interests and we explore the pros and cons of what works for you over time. I will be a constant support, helping you discover your strengths and offering insight that you may not have seen about yourself or your situation. We can explore resources and health information together.


Spiritual Coaching or Reading

Let's explore your spiritual development, faith crisis or rediscovery together. I will hold the space for your open exploration. Perhaps you may be interested in contacting higher dimensional beings? Are you healing from religious trauma or a faith crisis? Are you an awakening or seasoned Starseed that would like a sounding board? Your guides may have messages for you that we can learn to decipher. Dreams, out of body experiences, synchronicities. Who knows all the amazing things we could discover together!

(Please read the blog post "Coaching vs. Channeled Reading" for further differentiation between coaching and a reading. Please specify which one you would like in the contact form. There is no cost difference per session.)

Chronic Pain Coaching

As a sufferer or chronic pain, there is much that I can offer in understanding where you are coming from and the challenges that being in pain can present when accomplishing your wellness and life goals. There are many answers about pain management found in neuroscience and our brain and how it processes pain. We can explore the shortcuts and helpful brain hacks that allow us to manage pain together. We will learn how to re-define pain, create a pain management toolbox and much more!

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