• Becky

Updated website for 2016

Hello! I have recently updated my website to include a new design and feature some of my maternity shoot photos that I had taken with the harp while I was pregnant with my daughter. It was been a wonderful past five months and I've enjoyed all the wonderful joys of becoming a new mother.

I have missed my therapeutic harp services during maternity leave and am happy that I am now currently playing for area military hospitals.

And of course, my daughter is enjoying the harp songs I make up for her. I notice babies like Ionian mode (C major) and she also loves the glisses I do while in a pentatonic scale. She squeals with delight when she hears me play and I take her to my harp and brush her hands against the strings. We also enjoy playing (or "hitting") the piano keys.

I am also brushing up on all my lullabies and children's songs!

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