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The harp heals the player and the listener

February was a challenging month for me. As I made the intention to move forward as a healer with my harp, I suddenly experienced a road block. It was a necessary one, showing me that I needed to heal myself before I could take on the responsibility of healing others.

I am learning to fully embrace and heal from post partum OCD. I have found relief with the help of therapy, medication, and family support. Many women feel ashamed to bring awareness to their post partum issues and I realize that part of my journey is to give them a voice. I've also found that I was able to bond with my daughter even more, take time for myself, and enjoy favorite past times (like watching my favorite youtube channels).

Most "shoulds" and "to-do's" took a backseat as I took longer naps. I bought a light to help with mood. I relaxed a bit on my diet and exercise regime. It has made all the difference.

This month, I was able to play therapeutically for a local hospital and their PTSD/addiction unit. I was so incredibly thankful that as I played for others, I found it healing and calming for me as well. The harp is an amazing instrument; it forgives you if you haven't practiced in a while. The harp can be tuned in the pentatonic scale allowing every string to sound beautiful played together. Any mistakes can easily be played through and it still sounds lovely.

Playing single notes can be beneficial. The more simple the music, the more relaxing it can be! That's why I love the harp. It can be simple if you want it to be and it still delivers the same effect to all those that listen to it's lovely voice.

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