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Easter Bunny Mermaids

Hi everyone!

Happy Easter weekend. I'm spending a lot of time with my 8 month old daughter (and she's been so fun to play with) but it has left me hardly any time to practice and/or do much art. So I decided to revise my strategy.

5 minutes here...5 minutes there. That's how I am keeping my skills and passion going. I'll take 5 minutes and draw or color, or play the harp. That's how it's getting done right now!

I am also recovering from that wonderful "pinched nerve" that I occasionally get once or twice a year in my cervical spine and shoulder. Lots of rest and yoga spinal twists.

To celebrate this weekend, I have created a coloring page for you or your little ones to color. I decided I felt like doing something a bit different when it comes to the "Easter Bunny" (as you can see...Easter Bunny Mermaids are just so much more fun!)

Easter Bunny Mermaid Coloring Page

You can save the image from my harpstringsandwings facebook page to your computer and then print. Please respect artist credit and the copyright laws. I hope to get a coloring book going one day, but I get so excited about these fun little illustrations, I can't help but share!

Enjoy the rest of March!


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