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New Year, New Creations (2017)

Spring Fairy (pic taken while in progress)

Spring Fairy (in progress)

Spring Fairy (finished!)

I finally finished up this Spring Fairy that I started last Spring 2016 as well as updated my website a little bit with some more art. Orchestra has kept me busy, as well as the holiday season. I also finished playing for a wedding.

Pre-Concert Selfie

Gaming orchestra symphony concert. Final Fantasy duet!

I really enjoyed playing for my first concerts in November 2016. They went very well and I learned so much. This orchestra season is proving to be a bit more challenging. More harp music has been written and I'm struggling to learn the pedal harp when I do not have one at home (this means I practice at my friend's house and it is slow going). At home, I practice the fingering on the lever harp, but I cannot practice the foot pedals, so it makes things a bit difficult.

My art is also calling me and I feel that familiar pull between both of my creative passions playing tug-of-war with my free time. I also like to put out harp videos on YouTube and play video games like Animal Crossing and the SIMS4. Once Mass Effect Andromeda comes out...I'll really be in trouble!

We are also looking at a move coming up and that means lots and lots of decluttering, house hunting, and wrapping up things here in the D.C./NOVA area. We want to try and get to as many historical landmarks and local sites before we relocate.

Meanwhile, my toddler has just entered the tantrum stage, is climbing all. the. things...and has discovered hair pulling, pinching, and hitting. Time-outs, creative play, outdoor time, and socialization are also taking priority as I learn how to "mom".

Life is full of these amazing opportunities, yet I feel like I cannot say "yes" to them all due to my health and energy levels. I must keep things manageable and simple or I get stressed out. My migraines have also returned this month. It makes it almost impossible to do the things I love. When my health requires my attention - I go into research mode, make doctor appointments, and try to do what I can to always improve how I feel. Chronic pain is motivating that way.

Overall, I have these moments of bliss with my family. As if things couldn't get better, and then they do. There are unbelievably hard days, but we manage to survive them and pull through! It really builds your confidence in the long run!

Right now I have the creative bug and I feel my muse returning! Keep a look out for more creations coming soon!

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