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Exciting opportunities

Hi everyone! 2019 is here and already has provided me with some interesting opportunities. I was fortunate enough to play for a 90 year old woman's birthday at a local nursing home facility. I played in the common area which allowed the other residents to enjoy the music. I also enjoyed playing for the Unitarian Universalist service for the holidays (see picture below).

I have been working part-time for a music store and absolutely LOVE it. I've learned so much more about Dusty Strings, Lyon & Healy, and Salvi harps. I've even learned how to efficiently change strings, fix dings, and buzzy strings! There is so much new music that I am learning too.

Tomorrow, a new and exciting opportunity is coming my way. I will be a special guest on a webinar for a Spiritual Development Facebook group led by Frankey Craig. The link below is

for the webinar. I will also paste the recorded webinar on my website and YouTube channel after it is recorded tomorrow night.

I have been recently motivated to produce more spiritual and uplifting content on my YouTube channel, esp. for empaths, starseeds, and those that suffer from illness. My plan is to provide monthly energetic updates for the year of 2019.

Please check out my facebook page to see updated posts of my new YouTube videos and art!

Thank you,


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