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Rebbeca was raised in the Pacific Northwest and started at an early age playing the accordion, clarinet and piano. She was awarded 1st place in accordion competitions and was trained at the Portland Conservatory of Music in Oregon. She also enjoyed playing clarinet in the symphonic band while in college. On the way to a music class, she saw students playing the harp and immediately enrolled the next semester and enjoyed recitals and composing hymn variations.


She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies & Education from the University of Pittsburgh.


Years later, she was inspired to use her harp to heal and help others.


She obtained her Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CTHP) degree from the International Harp Therapy Program in 2011.




Rebbeca enjoys serving on the Representative Council for the National Standard Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM) from years 2015, 2023 and to the present.


She has enjoyed playing for three major Boston area hospitals (Massachusetts General Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, and Jamaica Plain VA hospital) focusing on NICU, orthopedic, OB/GYN, radiology, dialysis clinics, Veteran's mental health and optometry, chemotherapy, and even yoga classes!

In 2017, she volunteered at Ft. Belvoir, VA military hospital playing for the PTSD/addiction unit.


She also worked for five years at The Harp Connection music store learning more about the harp every day. She knows how to regulate harps, change strings, and repair harp finish damages.


Please contact Rebbeca if you'd like to schedule harp services or piano/harp lessons in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

Rebbeca also runs a spiritual reading and pain coaching website at and has a YouTube channel featuring her harp music.

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